Since its foundation in 1958, Eurovent has been developing into one of the largest industry committees worldwide that represents national associations (Members), manufacturers (Affiliated Manufacturers, Corresponding Members), and related organisations (Associate Members) in the area of Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain technologies.

In Europe, we are proud to represent a strong industrial base of small- and medium-sized manufacturers from all across the continent. These companies constitute the backbone of our association. They employ thousands of people while significantly contributing to national public accounts and regional developments.

Eurovent is home to over 1.000 manufacturers from more than 30 countries, accounting for a combined annual turnover of more than 30bn EUR, employing around 150.000 people within the association’s geographic area.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the Eurovent network? Information and registration details can be found here.

Members (National Associations)

Eurovent’s Members are major national sector associations from Europe, the Middle East and Africa that are representing manufacturers in Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain technologies.

Affiliated Manufacturers

Manufacturers that belong to a Eurovent Member Association are automatically part of the Eurovent Association. They are referred to as Affiliated Manufacturers and are represented in Eurovent activities through their respective national association.

Corresponding Members

Eurovent’s Corresponding Members are manufacturers from Europe, which contribute a membership fee to Eurovent in order to participate directly in Eurovent activities. Manufacturers from countries that have a Member Association must first be members of this national association to become Corresponding Members. Manufacturers from countries that do not yet have a Member Association can become Corresponding Members directly.

Associate Members

Eurovent’s Associate Members are organisations that are engaged in activities related to sectors covered by the association. Associate Members include, for example, associations of engineers and consultants, exhibition organisers, laboratories, and universities.