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Eurovent Middle East to continue its ‘HVACR Leadership Workshops’ with a seminar focussed on evaporative cooling equipment (cooling towers)

Dubai, 15 November 2017. Eurovent Middle East has announced the next event within its ‘HVACR Leadership Workshops’ series, which is going to focus on Evaporative Cooling and takes place within the parallel programme of The Big 5 Dubai exhibition on 28 November 2017 (14-18:00h). The workshop is being organised in close cooperation with the EU-GCC Trade and Business Cooperation Facility and DMG Events. The association’s non-commercial, free-of-charge seminar will see leading experts in this field outlining ways to save resources by going evaporative.

Evolving industry views and proposal on cascading regulations (formerly: double regulation)

In 2015, the European Commission paper on ‘Ecodesign for energy-related products integrated into other energy-related products’ was discussed during a Consultation Forum. It provides for an interpretation and could serve as basis for further discussion. Throughout the past two years, industry views and proposals have evolved. Recently, some associations have re-entered discussions on this subject and propose a distinction between ‘bespoke’ and ‘catalogue’ products. Eurovent members are asked to critically reflect on this subject and to share their views with the Secretariat.

Scoping study to identify areas for possible preparatory studies

BACS were listed in the 2016-2019 Ecodesign Working Plan as a new set of product groups to be analysed. The aim of the scoping study is to define the product scope, to identify the focus areas and direction to take for the subsequent preparatory study and ultimately determine and draft out policy options in light with the Ecodesign Directive.

Presentation on study results hosted by MEP Martina Werner

The Impulse Foundation of our German Member Association VDMA sponsored a research study focused on benefits of energy labels in the B2B environment of the mechanical engineering industry. The study carried out by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research provides insight into why industrial consumers should be treated differently to final consumers represented by the public. The Eurovent Team has summarised the study results within this article.

At our office in Prague, we offer unique internship opportunities for Bachelor students with a high chance of being engaged full-time.

Statistical pocketbook 2017 published

The European Commission has released the 2017 pocketbook with data up to 2015. The first pocketbooks concentrated on energy figures. Nowadays, socio-economic indicators and the impact of the energy sector on the environment are covered as well.

First part of a series of statements on commercial refrigeration published

The F-Gas Regulation is obliging market players to aim for low or the lowest GWP refrigerant solutions. In addition to considering natural refrigerants, ASERCOM has evaluated the currently known public test results of new proposes synthetic refrigerants alternatives.

European Commission has published draft for comments

The Commission has just published its draft FAQ that provides for a legally non-binding interpretation of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulation regarding the Ecodesign requirements for professional refrigerated storage cabinets, blast cabinets, condensing units and process chillers.

Number of Polish companies within Eurovent network constantly increasing

Brussels, Pszczółki, 7 November 2017. Clima-Produkt has joined the Eurovent Association as a Corresponding Member. Founded in 2002, the manufacturer is one the biggest producers of ventilation and air conditioning equipment on the Polish market, employing around 150 people. Based in Pszczólki outside Gdansk, its core business is focused on the production of tailor-made air handling units. → Please click here for the Polish language version of this Press Release: Clima-Produkt dołącza do Eurovent - Liczba polskich firm w strukturach Eurovent ciągle rosnie

Liczba polskich firm w strukturach Eurovent ciągle rosnie

Bruksela, Pszczółki, 7 listopad 2017. Clima-Produkt został członkiem europejskiego stowarzyszenia Eurovent. Założona w 2002 roku firma jest jednym z największych producentów urządzeń wentylacyjno-klimatyzacyjnych na poskim rynku, zatrudniającym około 150 pracowników. Przedsiębiorstwo specjalizuje się w w produkcji urządzeń dostosowanych do indywidualnych potrzeb klientów a jego siedziba mieści się w Pszczółkach koło Gdańska.