Staying up to date with legislation and standards is essential for manufacturers. Being able to participate in shaping these developments increasingly marks a competitive advantage.

The Eurovent Association not only provides you with all important information at the right time through our newsletters and activities, but also gives you the opportunity to influence standards and legislation on a national, European Union and international level within a truly democratic decision-making structure.

On a technical level, this takes place within Eurovent’s Product Groups. As a contributing member of Eurovent (Member Association, Corresponding Member, Associate Member), any representative of your organisation can participate in these activities. The number of votes a participant receives is independent from the size or turnover of its organisation.

​Manufacturers within Product Groups:

  • Actively participate in the development of European (e.g. Ecodesign) and international legislation
  • Join forces to develop ‘codes of good practice’ for the industry (known as ‘Eurovent Recommendations’), which later find their ways into standards and legislation
  • Share their expertise across borders, contributing to a true level playing field and markets with fewer barriers
  • Meet up with their colleagues from around Europe and beyond, to elaborate on developments within their markets

List of Eurovent Product Groups and their coverage

Name of Product Group

Short code




Air Conditioners and VRF systems


Air conditioners and VRF Systems



Air Filters


Air Filters, Air Purifiers, Air Pollutions Control Equipment, Dust Collectors

Jan Andersson (Camfil, Sweden)

Thomas Caesar (Freudenberg, Germany)

Air Handling Units PG-AHU Air Handling Units Martin Lenz (Trox, Germany) Andy Bijmans (Systemair, Netherlands)

Air Purifiers

PG-CLEAN Air Purification Equipment    

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Beverage Coolers, Cold Rooms, Ice-Cream Freezers, Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Pierluigi Schiesaro (Arneg, Italy)

Jesus Beraza (K-Refrigeration, Spain)

Dry Coolers


Dry coolers



Energy Recovery Components


Rotary HE, Plate HE, Run Around Coils, Heat Pipes

Peter Müller (Polybloc, Switzerland)

Thomas Richter (Hoval, Liechtenstein)

European Air Curtains


Air Curtains

Morten Schmelzer (Systemair, Sweden)

Nick Moumoutzis (OLEFINI, Greece)

European Fan Technology


Fans (components), Industrial Fans, Fan Units, Dryers

Dario Brivio (Nicotra Gebhardt, Italy)

Uwe Sigloch (ebm-papst, Germany)

Evaporative Cooling Equipment


Closed-circuit and open cooling towers, evaporative condensers, drift eliminators

Laurent Petiot (Baltimore Aircoil Company, France)

Doic Horden (JACIR, France)

Fan Coil Units


Fan Coil Units

Virginie Berthelon (Ciat, France)

Luca Binaghi (Sabiana, Italy)
Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps


Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps

Guillermo Rosenberg (Hitecsa, Spain)


Residential Air Handling Units


Residential Air Handling Units

Xavier Boulanger (ALDES, France)

Jaroslav Chlup (2VV, Czech Republic), Kazimierz Szybinski (Frapol Poland)