Next to representing members’ interests concerning Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Eurovent, for example:

  • Provides in-depth networking and trade services
  • Raises awareness on new and upcoming technologies
  • Represents the European HVACR industry across the globe and within councils such as ICARHMA (the International Council of Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Manufacturers Associations)
  • Holds in-depth partnerships with major industry exhibitions
  • Organises trade delegations to emerging markets across the globe
  • Brings the industry together in its biennial Eurovent Summit

European industry sets global benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and safety

Manufacturers within the Eurovent network set global benchmarks when it comes to producing high-qualitative, innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable technologies. They think ‘Beyond HVACR’, acknowledging the term’s various components by approaching them from a wider application perspective. Our manufacturers are united in advocating a holistic approach that integrates health, life and work quality as well as safety aspects.

A key activity of our association is to represent our industry’s achievements while bringing our knowledge across to emerging markets around the globe. When doing this, we closely cooperate with local partners, acknowledge and respect regional differences.

Founding member of ICARHMA

Eurovent is a globally respected and recognised association. It is a founding member of ICARHMA (the International Council of Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Manufacturers Associations) and represents European industry ideals in the latter. For our members, this offers a unique opportunity to exchange views with sector associations from Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Latin and North America. These associations represent almost a 100 billion USD of global industry. ICARHMA has been actively involved in supporting its member associations on ongoing policies and various other global issues related to the ‘HVACR’ industry including energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Within ICARHMA, Eurovent takes a proactive stance on global issues, advocating a level playing field in the discussions surrounding the phaseout of refrigerants while highlighting the importance of sustainable refrigeration as well as intelligent ventilation and air quality technologies. In 2014, Eurovent had the honour of hosting the ICARHMA Annual Meeting in Berlin (Germany) during its Eurovent Summit.

Founding Members of ICARHMA

ICARHMA Members during the Eurovent Summit ‘Connecting Global Minds’ Event in Berlin, October 2014

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Privileged access to sector exhibitions

Our national Member Associations either organise or play an active role in national sector exhibitions throughout Europe. Through this network, manufacturers in the Eurovent network enjoy benefits at:

Eurovent is also partner of leading sector exhibitions in emerging markets around the globe, including:

Manufacturers within our network profit from various advantages when participating in these exhibitions, including reduced square meter rates, an increased brand recognition, and possibilities to present within in our seminars, which are well respected and attended within these markets.

Eurovent Delegations – A cornerstone of our international activities

On a regular basis, Eurovent organises high-ranking industry delegations to leading sector exhibitions in emerging markets across the globe. Over time, these delegations have developed into a cornerstone of our association and its global activities. 2015 has seen an average of more than 30 Eurovent members joining us in Dubai, Jakarta, Moscow, and Shanghai. 2016 saw Delegations to Istanbul, Jeddah, Moscow, and Teheran.

Eurovent Summit – The biennial meeting place of our industry

Each second year, Eurovent welcomes the Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain industry from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to its Eurovent Summit. With on average 400 manufacturers, industry associations, laboratories and political decision makers participating in its around 40 meetings, seminars and events, it has developed into a major meeting place of our industry with a reach beyond the EMEA region.