Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI) is the European statistics office of the HVACR market. EMI runs independently from association activities. This has been done to comply with the strictest confidentiality standards.

EMI has been providing key market data since 1994 and is a trusted partner of more than 300 manufacturers. The guiding principle of EMI is to establish a map of the European, Middle East and African sales.

High quality statistics on the HVACR market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Sales data provided by participants remains fully confidential and results are distributed to participants only. EMI provides annual and quarterly results, market trends and analyses, and makes reassessed data available to non-manufacturers.

Thanks to the manufacturers' participation in the data collections, EMI can provide:

  • Annual and quarterly analyses
  • Market trends and forecasts (annually and quarterly)
  • Detailed information on the equipment sold (technology, capacity, etc.)
  • Analyses by country (in Europe, the Middle East and Africa)

Detailed information on EMI can be found at

EMI and legislation

EMI provides reliable and representative HVACR market intelligence data based on information supplied by market participants. Different from many other statistical bureaus, this information constitutes actual sales data that is verified.

The EMEA-wide data sets of EMI are frequently used to support the development of legislation in the EU and beyond. EMI has, for instance, provided anonymised, aggregated data sets on more than 2.000 refrigerated display cabinets to the European Commission to support the development of an Ecodesign Regulation for commercial refrigeration equipment.

In another instance, EMI has provided data concerning the rotor sales of evaporative cooling towers in the EU28 to the European Commission. This had been done to justify an exemption of cooling towers from the ‘EU Fan Regulation’.