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Eurovent Recommendations

For many products and their applications, the need to develop ‘codes of good practice’ and standards remains in order to develop the industry. Eurovent Recommendations (‘codes of good practices’) provide reference and guidance where no legislation is available and are used in many areas worldwide.

Eurovent Recommendations are developed together with manufacturers and national associations. These documents reflect a wide-ranging representativeness. They are adopted after a formal voting procedure by Eurovent’s national Member Associations through democratic decision-making procedures.

Eurovent Guidebooks

Eurovent Guidebooks are widely known publications providing readers with hands-on knowledge on a particular product or issue.

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Eurovent 4/21 - 2016: Energy Efficiency Evaluation of Air Filters for General Ventilation Purposes - Second Edition 0,00 €
Eurovent 9/12 - 2016: Performance Efficiency Standard for Evaporative Cooling Equipment 0,00 €
Eurovent 16/1 - 2016: Air curtain unit - Classification, test conditions and energy performance calculations - First Edition 0,00 €
Eurovent 4/19 - 2015: Industry Recommendation concerning Public Enquiries for Air Filters - Second Edition - English 0,00 €
Eurovent 4/22 - 2015: Industry Recommendation for Residential Air Filter Performance Measurements 0,00 €
Eurovent 6/2 - 2015: Interpretation Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery concerning AHUs - Second Edition 0,00 €
Eurovent 17/11 - 2015: Guidelines for Heat Recovery 0,00 €
Eurovent 1/13 - 2014: Working Definition on when a fan is considered placed on the EU Common Market 0,00 €
Eurovent 4/21 - 2014: Calculation method for the energy use related to air filters in general ventilation systems - First Edition 0,00 €
Eurovent 4/20 - 2012: Recommendation concerning classification of air filters 0,00 €
Eurovent 9/7 - 2011: Recommendation to keep your cooling system efficient and safe 0,00 €
Eurovent 1/12 - 2011: Sources of error in aerodynamic system resistance and acoustic calculation 0,00 €
Eurovent 4/6 - 2009: Air Filters for better Indoor Air Quality 0,00 €
Eurovent 4/18 - 2009: Recommendation concerning Diesel Fume: Discharging Test of Air Filters 0,00 €
Eurovent 6/11 - 2008: Thermal test method for ducted fan coil units 0,00 €