Around 200 persons participated to SRI Platform that was launched on 16 December. The impression remains as before that the SRI would lead to fragmentation of the market.

Recently EurObserv’ER issued a separate Barometer giving details of the 2019 and 2020 European Heat Pump market.  Aerothermal (air-air, air-water, exhaust air)  and geothermal heat pumps are covered as well as an overview of 21 European manufacturers.

It has been clarified that there is no equivalence between UKCA marking and CE marking. 

The meetings of the HLCF have resulted in a Commission Staff Working Document “Scenarios for a transition pathway for a resilient, greener and more digital construction ecosystem”. Until 28 February 2022 can one contribute to the consultation on this document.

The draft of the Regulation and its annex has been adopted by the Commission and will most likely enter into force after the 2-month scrutiny by the European Parliament and Council. Member States can calculate cooling towards their overall renewable targets. 

The European Commission runs this consultation until 22 March 2022 looking at the conformity assessment modules and the accreditation framework for notified bodies. It would like to know if Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, refurbishment and remanufacturing can be accommodated in the NLF.

Brussels, 15 December 2021. Eurovent has just released its brand-new Recommendation 6/17 on control systems for Air Handling Units. The document was prepared in a joint effort by participants of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ (PG-AHU).

Eurovent hat sowohl die französische als auch die deutsche Fassung der Empfehlung 6/15 veröffentlicht. Diese Empfehlung enthält die Grundsätze bewährter Verfahren zur Begrenzung der internen Luftaustritte in bidirektionalen RLT-Anlagen, insbesondere solche, die mit einem Drehwärmetauscher ausgestattet sind.

Eurovent a publié les versions française et allemande de la recommandation 6/15. Cette recommandation énonce les principes de bonnes pratiques visant à limiter les fuites d’air internes dans les unités de traitement d’air bidirectionnelles, notamment celles équipées d’un échangeur de chaleur rotatif.

Eurovent has published both the French and German version of Recommendation 6/15. This Recommendation sets out the principles of good practice to limit the internal air leakages in bidirectional air handling units, notably those fitted with a rotary heat exchanger.


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