Eurovent underlines the importance of Market Surveillance

In the light of the revision of Fan Regulation 327/2011, the Eurovent Product Group 'European Fan Technology' published a Position Paper stressing the importance of effective Market Surveillance of fan products.

Eurovent calls for Commission to rethink its vision on replacement parts in the course of the Fan Regulation Revision

According to the proposed revised version of Fan Regulation 327/2011, fan suppliers and appliers would be obliged to use ErP 2015 (Tier II) compliant fans also when replacing fans. With this Position Paper, Eurovent Members aimed to explain why such a measure would not be feasible.

Revision of EU Regulation 327/2011 (‘EU Fans Regulation’)

Eurovent collected a number of case studies demonstrating why fans sold before 2015 that are not in conformity with ErP 2015 requirements defined in Regulation 327/2011 should be excluded from the revised Fan Regulation.

A contribution to Eurovent's emphasis on a clear and measurable scope of Fan Regulation 327/2011

With this Paper, Eurovent elaborates on its request to VHK and the European Commission to ‘provide clear definitions and clarify what exactly is in the scope of the measure’ as well as exclude impellers from the Regulation.

Eurovent's Product Group 'European Fan Technology' points out focus points for the revision of Fan Regulation 327/2011

Towards the start of the revision period of Fan Regulation 327/2011, Eurovent published a paper outlining its most important issues to be addressed in finalising the revised Regulation. Eurovent's Product Group 'European Fan Technology' underlined, amongst others the importance of a clear and measurable scope, alignment with EN and ISO standards as well as relevant EU legislation such as the Ecodesign Directive, and the prevention of loopholes.


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