New Eurovent Code of Good Practice clarifies different persisting interpretations of EU Directive on machinery concerning Air Handling Units

Brussels, 19 October 2015. With its recommendation ‘Eurovent 6-2 – 2015’, the Eurovent association has published a new Code of Good Practice, in which EMEA’s AHU industry has agreed that a CE mark has to be affixed also to AHUs without controller – similar to AHUs with a controller. A uniform interpretation of Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery was considered necessary by Eurovent members in order to ensure a level-playing field. It furthermore brings clarity to the market before the entry into force of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1253/2014 on ‘Ventilation Units’ on 1 January 2016.

Eurovent Position Paper co-signed by EPEE

On 2 October 2015, Eurovent and EPEE co-published this Position Paper related to the draft proposals for Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations of refrigerated commercial display cabinets provided on 17 September 2015.

Clarifying questions from members of Eurovent Product Group 'Energy Recovery Components' concerning the Technical Assistance Study

Towards 1 January 2016, the date of entry into force of Commission Regulation 1253/2014 for Ventilation Units, the European Commission has outsourced a Technical Assistance Study to the Danish Technical Institute. In the course of this study, manufacturers of energy recovery components integrated into ventilation units came up with a number of questions aimed to clarify several Regulation articles.

Alex Rasmussen takes over association leadership, General Assembly redefines the organisation’s scope and welcomes new members

During its Annual Meeting in Stockholm on 28 and 29 May 2015, Eurovent members from throughout the EU, Russia, and Turkey have elected Alex Rasmussen as the new President of their association. The Senior Vice-President of Systemair takes over the Presidency from Christian Herten, who had been successfully leading Eurovent since 2013. Member associations have decided to change the association’s scope to better reflect European industry ideals and structures, evolving the ‘HVAC&R’ terminology while acting fully independently from certification activities.

Evaporative cooling equipment manufacturers elaborate on the possible exemption of their products from EU Fan Regulation 327/2011

During the Consultation Forum on the revision of the ‘EU Fan Regulation’ 327/2011 in Brussels on 30 April, Eurovent had reinforced its call for an exemption of evaporative cooling equipment from the future Regulation, which was supported by several Member State Representatives. Subsequently within the meeting, the Commission has asked VHK to further elaborate on this issue and on how an exemption can be implemented without creating loopholes.

Eurovent Product Group 'Air Handling Units' publishes guidelines for interpretation of Regulation 1253/2014

With this document, the Eurovent Product Group 'Air Handling Units' offers a guideline providing a common interpretation on the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1253/2014 of 7 July 2014 on non-residential ventilation units (bidirectional and unidirectional units).

Eurovent provides input complementing its Position Paper on evaporative cooling equipment from 14 April 2015

In its position paper from 14 April 2015, Eurovent proposed a new paragraph exempting fans exclusively transporting gases consisting of a mixture of liquid water and air having a relative humidity consistently larger than 90% from the revised EU Fan Regulation. This Position Paper elaborates on why the abovementioned paragraph is straightforward and necessary.

Joint industry Position Paper, Draft Regulation – Revision of 327/2011

With this Position Paper, European AMCA, Eurovent and EVIA jointly position themselves concerning the Draft ‘EU Fan Regulation’ to be discussed at the Consultation Forum on 30 April 2015.

Cooling tower manufacturers call for exemption of evaporative cooling equipment and lower energy efficiency requirements on centrifugal forward curved fans

Whilst revising the proposal for the new Fan Regulation, manufacturers within the Eurovent network call for 1) An exemption of cooling towers from this Regulation, and 2) lower energy efficiency requirements for centrifugal forward curved fans.

Proposed Eurovent amendment concerning cooling towers and the EU Fan Regulation

In the light of the revision of Fan Regulation 327/2011 and following consultation among Eurovent manufacturers of cooling towers, evaporative condensers and evaporative fluid coolers, Eurovent proposes the Commission to include a paragraph to the new Regulation which would exclude fans transporting gases and vapours with a relative humidity larger than 90%.


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