Latest references published in the Official Journal

The latest references to the harmonised standards for pressure equipment were published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 10 February 2021. They include relevant references for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps.

The IEA is continuing to update its publications. Of note are the Energy Efficiency 2020 and the World Energy Outlook published at the end of 2020. As usual, a lot of interesting documents have been released and while looking at the world at large. The insights can prove useful for companies wishing to enter export markets.

Join to find out about the latest trends in the European HVACR market

You are kindly invited to join the upcoming webinar by our colleagues from Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI). The EMI Team will elucidate the latest HVACR market trends and forecasts in Europe, including the impact of COVID-19. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, 9 February 2021, 14:30-15:30h. Register now.

Monthly overview for members on recent developments

On a monthly basis, the Eurovent Team compiles a global overview of the latest developments concerning new standardisation activities and technical regulations of relevance for the HVACR industry. Our Notifications allow members to be prepared for developments that can have an impact on them and their products.

Updated Commission guidance for Member States

The latest updated guidance for Member States stresses that the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) ‘Next Generation EU’ is structured around six pillars: green transition; digital transformation; smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs; social and territorial cohesion; health and resilience and policies for the next generation, children and youth, including education and skills.

Scope includes storage cabinets, industrial chillers, remote condensing units

The review of Regulations for professional refrigeration equipment (e.g. storage cabinets, industrial chillers, remote condensing units) has started. The consortium to carry out the review has been appointed. The project website has been launched on 22 January 2021 and the first stakeholder meeting is set to take place soon, on 18 February 2021.

Revision 2016 Directive on security of network and information systems

The revision of the 2016 Directive sets cybersecurity risks management and reporting obligations to companies, including companies in the HVACR sector. The proposal of the European Commission is now being examined and amended by the Council and the European Parliament.

Technical assistance study for ensuring optimal performance of technical building systems (TBS)

The objective of this study is to provide technical assistance to the European Commission services for the development and the dissemination of technical guidelines aimed to support an effective establishment and enforcement of the EPBD (EU 2018/844) articles relating to among others heating systems, air conditioning systems, ventilation and building automation controls systems.

Expert webinar on BIM to take place on 15 February 2021

Digital evolutions have introduced BIM and its applications to the industry. CEN is hosting a webinar to highlight the activities of CEN TC 442 and what it can offer to support other Technical Committees in the digital transformation of their standards.

Update on F-Gas price evolution monitoring by Öko-Recherche

On behalf of the European Commission (DG CLIMA), Öko-Recherche is working on a series of analysis evaluating the implementation of the F-Gas Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 since 2015. This includes, among others, monitoring of the refrigerant prices. The Q3/2020 report has been recently shared with Eurovent.


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