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In April, our new Indoor Air Quality campaign #IAQmatters was officially launched. To date, the response has been very positive with on average more than 4.000 unique site visits per month – and counting. We invite all manufacturers and association to become supporter of the campaign.

This international conference on all aspects of fans takes place every three years. The third edition takes place in April 2018.The conference is supported by Eurovent and Eurovent Middle East, Uniclima and VDMA.

Members of the Eurovent Association and Eurovent Middle East jointly raise awareness on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through a wide-ranging, interactive, open-source campaign

Brussels, Dubai, 24 April 2017. During an online press conference, the Eurovent Association (Brussels) and Eurovent Middle East (Dubai) have officially launched #IAQmatters – a joint initiative of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers in Europe and the Middle East, which provides solutions to ensure a healthy indoor climate. #IAQmatters was developed in close cooperation with leading experts such as Prof. Geo Clausen from the Section for Indoor Climate and Building Physics at Denmark Technical University (DTU). Prof. Stefano Cognati, President of REHVA, is one of the campaign’s patrons.

The first edition provides for a hands-on introduction to air filters for general ventilation

Brussels, 3 April 2017. The Product Group ‘Air Filters’ within the Eurovent Association has released the first edition of its guidebook ‘Air Filters for General Ventilation’. On 28 pages, the document provides for a hands-on introduction to all important aspects related to air filters. It constitutes the first of many measures within Eurovent’s upcoming #IAQmatters awareness raising campaign.

This report was commissioned by The Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament and produced by shecco. It provides insight in the ongoing evolutions, in particular it includes details on the retail sector.

The latest update of this report has been just published. It provides for some global insights that may prove relevant and useful in a number of the product areas covered by Eurovent. Of note is that IEA considers that China is now driving global energy efficiency progress and is making a significant mark on global energy markets.

The ATMOsphere review panel has now officially issued this call that runs until 15 November 2017. The case studies should focus on or be applicable to the Japanese market.

The revised standard submitted to WTO on 5 September 2016 now includes reference to both ANSI/AHRI and ISO standards/testing methods.

Members decide on setup of new Product Group ‘Residential Air Handling Units’

Brussels, 24 June 2016. As decided by its members during the 2016 Annual Meeting in Verona on 16 June, the Eurovent association is going to strengthen its activities in the residential ventilation area. As a first measure, a Product Group dedicated to ‘Residential Air Handling Units’ (PG-RAHU) is going to be launched, building upon Eurovent’s long-term experiences and large manufacturing base in this product field. A highly experienced project manager has been engaged to take on this activity.

Spain’s air conditioning and ventilation manufacturers’ association looks back at a successful history in bringing Europe’s industry forward

2016 Eurovent Annual Meeting - Spanish representation

2016 Eurovent Annual Meeting - Spanish representation
Bottom left: Mr José Antonio Sedano Palomero, Spanish Board Member; right: Ms Pilar Budí, AFEC Director General

Verona, 22 June 2016. During a dedicated ceremony at the Eurovent Annual Meeting in Verona on 16 June, Eurovent President Alex Rasmussen has congratulated AFEC on its 30-year membership anniversary on behalf of the entire Eurovent network. Rasmussen thanked Spain’s air conditioning and ventilation manufacturers association for their long-term support in bringing the European industry closer together. The dinner gathered Eurovent members from more than 20 countries.


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