This report was commissioned by The Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament and produced by shecco. It provides insight in the ongoing evolutions, in particular it includes details on the retail sector.

The latest update of this report has been just published. It provides for some global insights that may prove relevant and useful in a number of the product areas covered by Eurovent. Of note is that IEA considers that China is now driving global energy efficiency progress and is making a significant mark on global energy markets.

The ATMOsphere review panel has now officially issued this call that runs until 15 November 2017. The case studies should focus on or be applicable to the Japanese market.

At the end of 2015 the Commission published its Circular Economy Package. For products the aim is to The aim is to go beyond the end-of-life stage of products to preserve scare resources and to reduce environmental impacts. In addition to energy efficiency Ecodesign implementing measures would also look at reparability, durability and recyclability of products. This should result in bringing “greener” products to the market.

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