Eurovent and REHVA call on all relevant authorities in the EU and globally to recognise the manufacturing, distribution, installation, maintenance and repair of HVACR equipment as essential business activities and therefore exempt them from COVID-19 shutdown orders and travel restrictions. HVACR equipment supports critical infrastructure in the healthcare, food cold chain, data centre and building sectors notably. Prolonged shutdown of HVACR manufacturing activities might have severe consequences during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidelines for space and water heaters and availability of impact assessments

The Commission has just released an update of the guidelines for space and water heaters. The overview of the Ecodesign legislation has been updated and completed with some impact assessment studies. Of note is also the planning of the Commission ecodesign activities.

Analysis shows that no EU Member State is prepared to adopt smart building technologies

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) assesses aspects such as dynamic operability, energy-system responsiveness, renewable energy uptake as well as dynamic and self-learning control systems to judge how well prepared Europe is for an increasing share of smart buildings.

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