A reappraisal of studies by IEA may be useful

Record temperatures are measured in Europe, and with the planet getting hotter due to climate change, similar heatwaves are predicted to happen more frequently. It is useful to revisit some of the recent scientific studies that Eurovent also brought to it members in the past years. Industry may need to reappraise the climatic conditions and test equipment for temperatures that are higher than those in standards and regulation to keep up with market evolutions, also in Europe.

Gain insights into the role of Indoor Environment Quality and HVAC systems in modern, sustainable building

Debate.Comfort.Construction.Energy 2017 (DKBE) is going to be a unique event merging experience and knowledge of various experts from the building industry in the unique setting of Warsaw’s national stadium. The conference will address a wide range of topics including Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), principles of the building mechanical system design, and the impact of user behaviour on overall building energy consumption. The Eurovent Association is supporting and contributing to this forward-thinking conference.

Energy consumption, Indoor Environmental Quality and certification systems for sustainable buildings were the main topics of the conference held in Warsaw on 16 May 2017, which was supported by Eurovent. Building consultants, architects, property managers, lawyers and our indoor climate expert Igor Sikonczyk discussed in which direction the development of modern office buildings is heading towards.

This international conference on all aspects of fans takes place every three years. The third edition takes place in April 2018.The conference is supported by Eurovent and Eurovent Middle East, Uniclima and VDMA.

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