The outcome of the ‘Technical assistance study for the assessment of the feasibility of using a “points system” methodology in the implementation of Ecodesign Directive complex products and/or product systems’ may become a point systems methodology that could be applied to products (and systems) that are capable of carrying out different functions. It is now up to the European Commission to decide on subsequent steps. The Eurovent Team has compiled key takeaways for members.

Two-year project provides for some insights, but is not representative for the market

The EEPLIANT project ran from 2015 and ended on 20 June 2017. Responsible national and regional authority bodies cooperated towards enforcement action in respect of non-compliant products. The following product groups were assessed: LED lamps, imaging equipment, space heaters and combination heater. The outcome of the project regarding space heaters including heat pumps are discussed within this article together with some previous projects.