Eurovent Middle East to continue its ‘HVACR Leadership Workshops’ with a seminar focussed on Commercial Refrigeration

Dubai, 18 October 2017. Eurovent Middle East has announced the next event within its ‘HVACR Leadership Workshops’ series, which is going to focus on Commercial Refrigeration and takes place at LeMeridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre on 30 October 2017 from 18-21h. The association’s non-commercial, free-of-charge seminar will see leading experts in this field outlining ways to achieve a higher food safety and cost savings through state-of-the-art refrigeration technologies. 

Bulletin provides comprehensive overview on all European legislative developments for members

In cooperation with Orgalime, the Eurovent Team regularly provides you with an in-depth overview on all European legislative developments of relevance for the HVACR sector. The Bulletin provides for a hands-on compendium allowing the industry to assess the status quo and expected future developments. In this article, our Team has summarised the key takeaways for members only.

Worldwide leader for actuator and valve technology in HVAC systems joins the region’s growing network of high quality manufacturers

Dubai, 15 October 2017. BELIMO, the worldwide leader for actuator and valve technology in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, is going to join the Eurovent Middle East association in a further move to underline its ‘Swiss Quality’ principles in the GCC region.

Monthly overview for members on recent developments

On a monthly basis, the Eurovent Team compiles a global overview of the latest developments concerning new standardisation activities and technical regulations of relevance for the HVACR industry. Our Notifications allow members to be prepare for developments that can have an impact on them and their products.

Indoor Environmental Quality not really addressed in submitted legal amendments

On 11 October 2017, the Members of the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament have adopted the draft report on the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) by Mr Bendt Bendtsen with 51 votes in favour, 11 against and 1 abstention. In this article, we provide readers with an in-depth summary and outline upcoming steps.

Input on commercial refrigeration and space heaters requested by 17 October 2017

The European Parliament has initiated a study to evaluate the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) in qualitative terms through working plans based on the analysis of the following product groups: domestic light products, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, televisions, commercial refrigerators and heaters. The Eurovent Team has summarised the study objectives for members.

Long-serving Chairmen Kees van Haperen and Gunnar Berg pass on leadership to younger generation

Zoetermeer, 5 October 2017. During their meeting of the Eurovent Association Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, members have elected Mr Martin Lenz (TROX GmbH, Germany) as their Chairman and Mr Andy Bijmans (Systemair B.V, Netherlands) as their Vice-Chairman. The two take on their positions from Mr Kees van Haperen (Rosenberg, Netherlands) and Mr Gunnar Berg (Swegon, Sweden). Van Haperen had been leading the Product Group since 2002. Both of them had been active participants since the 1990s and now decided to pass their Chairmanship on to a new generation.

Together with the invitation for the Consultation Forum on machine tools and welding equipment that will take place on 25 October 2017, the European Commission has circulated draft guidelines on air heating products, cooling products, high temperature process chillers, and fan coil units for comments. Eurovent has summarised recommended actions for members.

Müller will be the first-ever Swiss to chair Europe’s major grouping of manufacturers of energy recovery devices for ventilation

Brussels, 2 October 2017. During the meeting of the Eurovent Association Product Group ‘Energy Recovery Components’ in Brussels, Belgium, on 28 September 2017, members have elected Mr Peter Müller as their new Chairman, effective as of 1 January 2018. He is one of Europe’s leading experts in this field and Managing Partner at POLYBLOC AG (Switzerland) – a pioneer in advanced heat recovery systems, which has been producing heat exchangers since 1982.

Impacts air heating products, cooling products, high temperature process chillers and fan coils

The April 2017 standardisation request by the European Commission to accompany the eco-design regulation for air heating products, cooling products, high temperature process chillers and fan coils has been updated. It is now circulating within the relevant CEN Technical Committees for comments and adoption.


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