On 15 October 2016 the amendment that sets the dates for the phasing down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), used in air conditioning and refrigeration was adopted by the 28th Meeting of the Parties to the 1987 Montreal Protocol.

The INTAS aims to support support Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) to deliver compliance for large products, in particular large industrial fans  and transformers and to provide industry how it can be sure it is complying with Ecodesign legislation.

The “Blue Guide” is intended to contribute to a better understanding of EU product rules and to their more uniform and coherent application the single market. It provides guidance to all parties involved. In general it is understood that industry is aware of the contents of the “blue guide”!

Under the Horizon2020 Innovation Framework Programme the EU is funding the project “SuperSmart”. This project looks at different possibilities to increase energy efficiency in supermarkets. It may support the possible introduction of an Ecolabel for supermarkets.

China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association (CRAA), Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR), World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET), Xi'an Polytechnic University and University of Hull are organizing the 1st conference of a series of conferences that would be organised in cities along the “Silk Road” with the last conference taking in Europe.

W trakcie Eurovent Summit 2016 odbędzie się Polskie Sympozjum na temat trendów rozwojowych technologii wentylacyjnych i klimatyzacyjnych w budownictwie

Krakow, 13 Maja 2016. Tak jak ogłosili organizatorzy, w trakcie 2016 EUROVENTSUMMIT , w dniu 28 września odbędzie się polskie sympozjum ‘Indoor Climate 2030’. Na wydarzenie to będą składały się praktyczne i wizjonerskie seminaria adresowane do projektantów, producentów, architektów i instalatorów oraz wszystkich innych osób zainteresowanych trendami rozwojowymi w technologiach klimatu wewnętrznego (HVAC). Sympozjum jest organizowane wspólnie przez Eurovent, Stowarzyszenie Polska Wentylacja i REHVA. Wydarzenie to wpisuje się w ideę EUROVENTSUMMIT sięgania myślą ‘Poza HVACR’.

CEN and CENELEC have published this guide to avoid breaches of competition law.

Eurovent Summit 2016 to host Polish symposium for trends and developments in building ventilation and air-conditioning

Krakow, 13 May 2016. As announced today by the organisers, the Polish ‘Indoor Climate 2030’ Symposium will be held during the 2016 EUROVENTSUMMIT on 28 September 2016. This event constitutes a hands-on, forward looking seminar for building consultants, contractors, designers, manufacturers, planners, and everyone else interested in upcoming developments concerning indoor climate (HVAC) technologies. It is being jointly organised by Eurovent, Polish Ventilation Association, and REHVA. The event follows the EUROVENTSUMMIT’s ideal of thinking ‘Beyond HVACR’.

On request of the Member States, the Commission will as soon as practicable organise a meeting on tolerances with experts from Member State authorities, measurement laboratories, industry, European Standardisation Organisations, and third countries.

The Commission has circulated this draft together with the related technical document for the calculation and measurement of the parameter SFPint to the members of the Consultation Form and stakeholders.