Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association
ISKID (İklimlendirme Soğutma Klima İmalatçıları Derneği) was established in 1993 as a result of cooperation among Turkey’s leading air-conditioning and cooling manufacturers. This non-profit organisation, working under the name of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association – ISKID, is based in Istanbul and member of ISIB, Turkey’s national trade association. ISKID’s main objectives are to promote cooperation amongst its more than 100 members on the one hand and to form the bridge between the industry and the state on the other hand. Next to this, ISKID aims to provide information on legislative and standard developments, increase the visibility and market reach of the sector, create a level-playing field, and to promote and stimulate environmental protection. Over the years, ISKID has developed into one of Eurovent’s largest member associations.
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