On 12 May 2022 a stakeholder meeting took place where the results from the desk research and ongoing test were presented. The tests would end by June. A reporting would follow in the 2nd part of 2022.

The European Parliament’s ENVI Committee published its draft opinion on the EPBD proposal. It notably underscores the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Brussels, Marne la Vallée, 10 May 2022. Aereco, one of France’s leading manufacturers of hybrid and mechanical ventilation systems has been formally approved to join the Eurovent family during a recent online meeting of the association’s Board of Directors.

In 1979 AIVC was set up as one of the annexes of the International Energy Agency. A 50-page document has just been published which contains references to documents and persons that have co-shaped todays’ environment for ventilation equipment.

Eurovent a publié les versions française et allemande de la recommandation 6/15. Cette recommandation énonce les principes de bonnes pratiques visant à limiter les fuites d’air internes dans les unités de traitement d’air bidirectionnelles, notamment celles équipées d’un échangeur de chaleur rotatif.

Eurovent hat sowohl die französische als auch die deutsche Fassung der Empfehlung 6/15 veröffentlicht. Diese Empfehlung enthält die Grundsätze bewährter Verfahren zur Begrenzung der internen Luftaustritte in bidirektionalen RLT-Anlagen, insbesondere solche, die mit einem Drehwärmetauscher ausgestattet sind.

Eurovent has published both the French and German version of Recommendation 6/15. This Recommendation sets out the principles of good practice to limit the internal air leakages in bidirectional air handling units, notably those fitted with a rotary heat exchanger.

Eurovent heeft een Nederlandse versie van de aanbeveling Eurovent 4/23 gepubliceerd. Deze aanbeveling betreffende de selectie van filters voor algemene ventilatietoepassingen in overeenstemming met de algemene filternorm ISO 16890 is nu beschikbaar in 6 talen.

Eurovent a publié une version française de la recommandation Eurovent 4/23. Cette recommandation sur la sélection des filtres de ventilation générale conformément à la norme mondiale de filtration ISO 16890 est désormais disponible en 6 langues.

Eurovent has published both a Dutch and a French version of Recommendation 4/23. This Recommendation on the selection of filters for general ventilation applications in accordance with the global filtration standard ISO 16890 is now available in 6 languages.