Eurovent’s Statutes and By-Laws constitute the association’s foundation. They define what we do and how we should do it. Following these documents is essential to ensure a level playing field for our industry and to avoid conflicts of interest during any of our meetings and events.

Separation of association and certification activities

These documents also indicate a separation between the Eurovent Association and certification activities, with the latter being managed by our independent subunit Eurovent Certita Certification.

This separation is made to prevent conflict of interests while ensuring that an association membership is not a requirement for being a participant in certification programmes and vice-versa.

Democratic decision-making procedures

Eurovent’s structure rests upon democratic decision-making procedures between its members and their representatives. At Eurovent, the number of votes is never determined by organisation sizes, country sizes, or membership fee levels. SMEs and large multinationals receive the same number of votes within our technical working groups: 2 votes if belonging to a national Member Association, 1 vote if not. In our General Assembly or Eurovent Commission, our national Member Associations receive two votes per country.