During the 2016 Eurovent Annual Meeting in Verona, the Eurovent Commission has finalised their first European-wide Statement of Principles. With this document, Eurovent and its Member Associations have defined joint views on an industry that thinks ‘Beyond HVACR’1. The document acts as a basis for decisions taken by the Eurovent Association and is recognised by its Member Associations on a national level. It incorporates wider industry perspectives, statements on key policy issues, and visions that help to ensure a true level playing field.

This Statement of Principles is regularly reviewed by the Eurovent Commission in cooperation with the Board and, whenever necessary, updated in order to reflect the state of the art, technology and science. Below, you will be able to download the web version of the Eurovent Statement of Principles.

1HVACR refers to Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration