Eurovent and its member associations publish first European-wide Statement of Principles

Brussels, 27 June 2016. During the 2016 Eurovent Annual Meeting in Verona, the Eurovent Commission, the committee of national member associations, has finalised their first European-wide Statement of Principles on an industry that thinks ‘Beyond HVACR’. The document acts as a basis for decisions taken by the Eurovent association and is recognised by its member associations on a national level. It incorporates wider industry perspectives, statements on key policy issues, and visions that help to ensure a true level-playing field.

Members decide on setup of new Product Group ‘Residential Air Handling Units’

Brussels, 24 June 2016. As decided by its members during the 2016 Annual Meeting in Verona on 16 June, the Eurovent association is going to strengthen its activities in the residential ventilation area. As a first measure, a Product Group dedicated to ‘Residential Air Handling Units’ (PG-RAHU) is going to be launched, building upon Eurovent’s long-term experiences and large manufacturing base in this product field. A highly experienced project manager has been engaged to take on this activity.

Assoclima welcomes Eurovent members from more than 20 countries to Italy’s industrial heartland / Riello gives well-received speech on challenges and opportunities

Verona, 21 June 2016. On 16 and 17 June 2016, representatives of Eurovent members from over 20 countries have met in Verona for their 59th Annual Meeting to elaborate on issues such as European regulatory developments, internationalisation, and the future association path. Following a tradition of Eurovent member associations arranging the event, this year’s gathering was hosted by Assoclima. In a well-received speech, Assoclima President and Aermec President Mr Alessandro Riello underpinned the importance of Eurovent uniting an industry that increasingly thinks ‘Beyond HVACR’.

Spain’s air conditioning and ventilation manufacturers’ association looks back at a successful history in bringing Europe’s industry forward

2016 Eurovent Annual Meeting - Spanish representation

2016 Eurovent Annual Meeting - Spanish representation
Bottom left: Mr José Antonio Sedano Palomero, Spanish Board Member; right: Ms Pilar Budí, AFEC Director General

Verona, 22 June 2016. During a dedicated ceremony at the Eurovent Annual Meeting in Verona on 16 June, Eurovent President Alex Rasmussen has congratulated AFEC on its 30-year membership anniversary on behalf of the entire Eurovent network. Rasmussen thanked Spain’s air conditioning and ventilation manufacturers association for their long-term support in bringing the European industry closer together. The dinner gathered Eurovent members from more than 20 countries.

Measurement and controlling devices manufacturer has become main partner of Eurovent’s biennial key event in Krakow

Brussels, Klingenberg, 24 May 2016. The global measurement and controlling devices manufacturer WIKA has become ‘industry leader’ of the 2016 EUROVENTSUMMIT, which takes place from 27 to 30 September in Krakow, Poland. As main partner of the event, WIKA underlines its strong ambition to become a leading provider of high quality components for our industry.

SKM Air Conditioning to further strengthen the association’s footprint in the GCC region

Brussels, Sharjah, 19 May 2016. SKM Air Conditioning has joined the Eurovent association as Corresponding Member following a formal approval by the Eurovent Board. With SKM, Eurovent welcomes yet another leading manufacturer from the GCC region to its association family. Founded in 1974, the company headquartered in Sharjah close to Dubai manufactures a large range of high quality HVAC products including, for example, air handling units, chillers, condensing units, fan coil units, and packaged units.

W trakcie Eurovent Summit 2016 odbędzie się Polskie Sympozjum na temat trendów rozwojowych technologii wentylacyjnych i klimatyzacyjnych w budownictwie

Krakow, 13 Maja 2016. Tak jak ogłosili organizatorzy, w trakcie 2016 EUROVENTSUMMIT , w dniu 28 września odbędzie się polskie sympozjum ‘Indoor Climate 2030’. Na wydarzenie to będą składały się praktyczne i wizjonerskie seminaria adresowane do projektantów, producentów, architektów i instalatorów oraz wszystkich innych osób zainteresowanych trendami rozwojowymi w technologiach klimatu wewnętrznego (HVAC). Sympozjum jest organizowane wspólnie przez Eurovent, Stowarzyszenie Polska Wentylacja i REHVA. Wydarzenie to wpisuje się w ideę EUROVENTSUMMIT sięgania myślą ‘Poza HVACR’.

Eurovent Summit 2016 to host Polish symposium for trends and developments in building ventilation and air-conditioning

Krakow, 13 May 2016. As announced today by the organisers, the Polish ‘Indoor Climate 2030’ Symposium will be held during the 2016 EUROVENTSUMMIT on 28 September 2016. This event constitutes a hands-on, forward looking seminar for building consultants, contractors, designers, manufacturers, planners, and everyone else interested in upcoming developments concerning indoor climate (HVAC) technologies. It is being jointly organised by Eurovent, Polish Ventilation Association, and REHVA. The event follows the EUROVENTSUMMIT’s ideal of thinking ‘Beyond HVACR’.

Key decision-makers in the area of Indoor Climate, Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain gather in Krakow in September to think ‘Beyond HVACR’ / Online registration now live

Brussels, Milan, Paris, Prague, 5 May 2016. The online registration for the 2016 EUROVENTSUMMIT, which takes place in Krakow (Poland) from 27-30 September 2016, is now live. Europe’s major gathering for key decision-makers in the area of Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies provides a unique platform that thinks ‘Beyond HVACR’ and connects around 400 industry leaders from Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and international markets throughout close to 40 seminars, meetings, and dedicated side events. This year’s Summit puts a special emphasis on the Polish market and its industry.

Major Polish manufacturer of indoor climate technologies has joined Eurovent Association

Gdynia, Poland, 18 April 2016. With VBW Engineering, one of Poland’s major manufacturers of indoor climate technologies has joined the Eurovent Association following an approval by the Eurovent Board. Since its foundation, VBW Engineering has undergone a strong development. The company based in Gdynia, a city close to Gdańsk at the Baltic Sea, today employs more than 250 people throughout 10+ European countries.


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