In cooperation with Orgalim, the Eurovent Team provides you with an overview on all European legislative developments of relevance to the HVACR sector. The Bulletin provides a compendium allowing the industry to assess the status quo.

On a monthly basis, the Eurovent Team compiles a global overview of the latest developments concerning new standardisation activities, technical regulations and legislative developments of relevance for the HVACR industry.

The European Parliament and Council of the EU have set their first timeline milestones in the legislative process on the ESPR file and how the work might be split among the EP Committees.

On behalf of EC DG GROW, the secretariat of HLCF hosted four events to support the development of the future Pathways/Roadmaps. The EC is now integrating all the different inputs to formulate the transition pathway document. 

The draft amendments from 6 July of the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee, which is in the lead of the revision of the Energy performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), have become available.

Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) is a common EU scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings. Cooling is one of the nine technical domains addressed by the SRI.

On 14 July, the European Parliament and Council reached an agreement on the 2030 Digital Decade Policy Programme, presented by the Commission in September 2021.

The European Commission published the new ‘Blue Guide on the implementation of the product rules 2022’. It provides a further understanding of EU product rules.

Mr. Alan Foster, Senior Research Fellow for the Heating and Cooling Group at the London South Bank University, is the new chairman of the IIR Sub-Commission D1 – Display Cabinets. He succeeds Mr. Seitz Van Der Sluis. Inputs are welcomed on the sub-commission’s new activities.

European Commission is drafting a new Delegated Regulation amending the current energy labelling rules on air conditioners, electronic displays, light sources and refrigerating appliances, including those used in retail.  The draft act is open for feedback until 8 August.