Eurovent 6/16 - 2017: Interpretation of the EU Regulation 2016/2281 concerning fan coil units

Eurovent REC 6-16 - Interpretation of the EU Regulation 2016-2281 concerning Fan Coil Units.png
The EU Regulation 2016/2281 establishes the Ecodesign requirements for the placing on the market and/or putting into service fan coil units (inter alia products). From 1 January 2018, the instruction manuals for installers and end-users, and free access websites of manufacturers, their authorised representatives and importers shall provide the information requirements defined in the Regulation Annex II table 13. This Recommendation provides a sound interpretation of the Regulation Annex II point 5 and of the Annex II table 13. This Eurovent Industry Recommendation / Code of Good Practice is available in English.