Ventilation Unit Regulation: Questions from energy recovery component manufacturers

Clarifying questions from members of Eurovent Product Group 'Energy Recovery Components' concerning the Technical Assistance Study

Towards 1 January 2016, the date of entry into force of Commission Regulation 1253/2014 for Ventilation Units, the European Commission has outsourced a Technical Assistance Study to the Danish Technical Institute. In the course of this study, manufacturers of energy recovery components integrated into ventilation units came up with a number of questions aimed to clarify several Regulation articles, being:

  1. In subtropical climate zones (southern Europe), an important ratio of ventilation units’ energy consumption is used for cooling. Is the estimation of energy saving potential not missing in the energy consumption for cooling and dehumidification? Should this not be considered?

  2. When calculating energy consumption for cooling, how can the latent (humidity-bound) energy-saving be considered?

  3. Ventilation units with a humidifier require a relevant part of the energy for humidifying. How can the latent efficiency be considered? 

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, 29 September 2015
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