Updated Eurovent 4/19 industry recommendation offers essential guidance when writing a valid requisition, public tender, or enquiry for air filters

Brussels, 17 November 2015. With ‘Eurovent 4/19 – 2015’, the Eurovent association has published the second edition of its widely-known industry recommendation concerning public enquiries for air filters. The Code of Good Practice covers the most important parameters and demands that should be taken into consideration when writing a valid requisition, public tender, or enquiry for air filters. The document was updated taking into account recent technical and market developments.

Air filters are a very important components of ventilation devices. The most central function of an air filter is to clean the air, protect the air handling equipment, and create a good indoor air quality (IAQ). They also have to fulfil demands and criteria so that the product fits into the air handling installation. Moreover, part of the public enquiry specifications objective is to keep the energy consumption at a low level while not neglecting filtration efficiencies. ‘Eurovent 4/19 – 2015’ provides for a wide range of recommendations that ensure an optimal air filter selection, application, maintenance and handling.

According to Mr Jan Andersson, Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’, the ‘right combination of an efficient particulate air filter, IAQ requirements and low energy consumption puts the focus on the correct specification and validation of air filters’. The updated Eurovent document provides for ‘hands-on recommendations and guidance for authors public enquiries covering air filters’. 

‘Eurovent 4/19 – 2015’ was developed by the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’, which represents more than 20 manufacturers from Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa that hold a joint market share of more than 90 % in EMEA concerning air filters for general ventilation. In parallel, Eurovent’s independent subunit Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) in Paris runs a globally applied performance certification scheme for air filters, which is the first one of its kind worldwide and verifies the performance of filters through independent and accredited third-party laboratories. These test results are publically accessible on ECC’s website.