Review of General Product Safety Directive (GEN - 1133.00)

Feedback period 23 June to 1 September 2020

GEN - 1133.00. The General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC (GPSD) protects consumers by ensuring that only safe goods are sold on the EU market. The European Commission is preparing a review of the GPSD that may result in a proposal for revision by the second quarter of 2021. Feedback on the roadmap evaluation is open until 1 September 2020. The public consultation questionnaire runs in parallel until 6 October 2020.

Combined evaluation roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment

The European Commission has published a combined evaluation roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment that aims to inform stakeholders about the Commission's work in order to allow them to provide feedback on the intended initiative and to participate effectively in future consultation activities. Stakeholders are invited to provide views on the Commission's understanding of the current situation, problem and possible solutions and to make available any relevant information that they may have, including on possible impacts of the different options.

It is also to be noted that this combined roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment is provided for information purposes only. It does not prejudge the final decision of the Commission on whether this initiative will be pursued or on its final content. All elements of the initiative described by this document, including its timing, are subject to change.

The feedback period of this evaluation roadmap is from 23 June 2020 to 1 September 2020.

Problems the review initiative aims to tackle

There are still too many dangerous products available to consumers on the EU market. The specific problems to be tackled in the review are the following:

  • Product safety challenges linked to new technologies, in particular to connectivity and artificial intelligence.
  • Product safety challenges in the online sales channels.
  • Insufficient recall effectiveness.
  • Complex and ineffective market surveillance.

Objectives and Policy options

A preliminary set of general policy options to be considered have been identified as set out below but may be developed further in light of evidence collected:

  • Option 0: Status quo, baseline scenario not involving any new actions.
  • Option 1: Improved implementation and enforcement of the existing legal framework.
  • Option 2: Targeted revision of the Directive.
  • Option 3: Full revision of the Directive.
  • Option 4: Integration of legal instruments. This option would merge the market surveillance provisions of the GPSD and the Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on the market surveillance and compliance of products.

Public consultation and revision

The public consultation is running in parallel to the evaluation roadmap. It runs from 30 June 2020 until 6 October 2020.  

The Commission adoption would follow in the second quarter of 2021.

Recommended actions

Members are advised to study the combined evaluation roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment.

The Roadmap is open for feedback until 1 September 2020. The feedback should be formulated in up to 4.000 characters and can be complemented with an attachment.

The public consultation is open until 6 October. The contribution is made by filling in the online questionnaire. In order to provide the European Commission with a consolidated written feedback, the Eurovent members are asked to provide the Eurovent Secretariat with their written input by Friday, 31 July 2020.

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