Review of Energy Efficiency Directive (GEN - 1155.00)

Feedback period 3 August to 21 September 2020

GEN - 1155.00. The Commission has initiated a revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive so that it may support the objectives of the European Green Deal and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Feedback can be provided until 21 September 2020.

Combined evaluation roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment

The European Commission has published a combined evaluation roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment that aims to inform citizens and stakeholders about the Commission's work in order to allow them to provide feedback on the intended initiative and to participate effectively in future consultation activities.

The feedback period of this evaluation roadmap is from 3 August 2020 to 21 September 2020.


Energy Efficiency First is a guiding principle of EU energy policy and is highlighted in the European Green Deal as a key means to decarbonise the energy system by 2050. The EU has set headline targets to increase energy efficiency by 20% for 2020 and by at least 32.5% for 2030. These targets are embedded in the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

Problems the review initiative aims to tackle

The progress towards the 20% increase in energy efficiency has been slowed down due to the increase in energy consumption since 2014. This is in part attributed to the lack of transposition of National Energy and Climate Plans. The assessment made in 2019 shows that the envisaged energy efficiencies would not be achieved by 2030. The Member States have already been asked to review and adapt their plans. The Commission is already assessing the revised national plans. The consultation aims to get the views and suggestions by stakeholders to achieve and or to improve on the 2030 targets

Objectives and Policy options

A preliminary set of general policy options to be considered have been identified as set out below but may be developed further in light of evidence collected:

  • Option 1: No policy change (baseline scenario)
  • Option 2: Non regulatory measures
  • Option 3: Revision of the EED involving elements to:
    • Address a gap to the existing 2030 targets (subject to the assessment of the final National Energy and Climate Action Plans NECPs)
    • Contribute to the implementation of other European Green Deal initiatives, and
    • Contribute to the achievement of a more ambitious EU climate target for 2030 (subject to the outcome of the impact assessment of the 2030 climate target plan).

Public consultation

Once the Commission has assessed the received feedback, it will launch a detailed questionnaire in the autumn and consult with experts.

If the outcome of the consultations points towards amendments of the existing EED, the Commission will adopt an amended EED and submit to the procedures in Parliament and Council.

Recommended actions

The contribution is made by filling in the online questionnaire. In order to provide the European Commission with a consolidated written feedback, the Eurovent members are asked to provide the Eurovent Secretariat with their written input by Monday, 14 September 2020.

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