PRODBIM launches its new website

PRODBIM, an initiative dedicated to supporting manufacturers through their content digitalisation and publication, has launched its new website. The website provides easy access to certified data in BIM software and exchanges.

PRODBIM’s new website will facilitate the digitalisation of manufacturers’ processes and ease of access to certified data, ensuring considerable time savings for all users. PRODBIM was created with the ambition of helping manufacturers to rationalise the distribution of their product data. Its purpose is to act as a bridge between manufacturers' inhouse databases and market applications. It covers several domains such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), regulatory compliance and specific database. It focuses its efforts to support manufacturers through their journey to digitalisation.

The website includes a search engine platform that allows users to find the right BIM product according to its category and brand type. Registration is required in order to access and download files of the required material. Logged in users are, however, provided with an ease of access to the latest products and a swift download feature allowing a quick and easy accessibility of the required material.

In addition, website users can obtain information from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on how to search product models using the quick search and advanced filters features, explanations on PRODBIM, BIM object quality and the other services it provides.

For more information on PRODBIM and to view the new website, please visit

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, 13 April 2022
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