Potential relaunch of Eurovent’s ‘Dust Removal’ Product Group (GEN - 826.00)

Recent political and standardisation activities call for renewed industry attention

GEN - 826.00. Based on requests from member companies and associations, the Eurovent Association plans on relaunching its Product Group ‘Dust Removal’ (formerly Eurovent PG-4B), which covers industrial filtration issues and had been dormant for several years. Interested manufacturers are invited to contact the Eurovent Secretariat for further information. 

Various political and standardisation initiatives increase the need for industry responses in this field. This includes, for instance: The best available techniques reference document (BREFs) developed under the IPPC Directive and the IED for the ferrous metals and processing industries, a coordination of standardisation activities within ISO TC 142 (TC9 WG5) regarding test methods for industrial filter, as well as technical issues concerning oil mist separation.

‘Dust filtration’ is an issue the Eurovent Association had been dealing with since its foundation in 1958. Well-known recommendations published ever since include:

  • Eurovent 4/1 - 1986: Test code for dust collectors
  • Eurovent 4/2 - 1990: Technical conditions governing sale and guarantee of dust collector installations
  • Eurovent 4/3 - 1994: Determination of the dust concentration in gas carrying ducts
  • Eurovent 4/6 - 1991: Guide for operation and maintenance of installations for dust collection

Interested manufacturers and associations are invited to contact the Eurovent Secretariat (secretariat@eurovent.eu) for further information.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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