NEx for air handling units (GEN - 895.00)

New certification scheme by Eurovent Certita Certification

GEN - 895.00. NEx (Nature of Excellence) is the new certification label by Eurovent Certita Certification, which enables HVACR manufacturers to validate sought-after criteria of their top-rated products which go beyond performance rates.


Nowadays, building designers focus not only on the actual product performance when they select an HVACR product for their projects. Other key elements such as durability, maintenance or controls are also increasingly considered. Currently, many HVACR manufacturers offer such advanced products, but no label or certification had been in place to validate these additional criteria.

This also applies to the case of air handling units, where reaching high performances is important but is not the only element that defines a high-quality product. Today’s air handling units offer much more than just good performance rates.

NEx - Nature of Excellence by Eurovent Certita Certification

It is within this context that in 2017, Eurovent Certita Certification launched a brand-new label to certify top rated products called NEx (Nature of Excellence). Offering Eurovent NEx certified products is a testimony of the company’s capability to produce top-class rated products that comply with awareness for environmental sustainability, and social and corporate governance. This adds value to the manufacturing companies and project developers that invest in Eurovent NEx designed, engineered and integrated systems.

The first certification scheme developed under the NEx label is for air handling units. Thanks to continuous technology evolution and changing end user demand, the list of criteria for defining the quality of a product is non-exhaustive. However, several elements are already fixed as essential and must be considered to define a top-rated product.

These include warranty, after sale service, durability, inherent availability, recycling ability, transport, maintenance, minimum energy performance, internal tests, delivery, minimum performances, production, controls and BIM.

With all its requirements assuring a high-quality product, the NEx certification is the optimal complement to the ECP (Eurovent Certified Performance) certification. The combination of the two certification schemes serves as a tool for project managers, architects, contractors or engineering consultants for selecting the top-rated products.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018
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