Newly published Eurovent air curtain standard sets global benchmarks

Eurovent Recommendation 16/1 defines first air curtain testing and efficiency calculation methods

Brussels, Krakow, 10 October 2016. In the course of its 2016 EUROVENTSUMMIT, the Eurovent association has released the first edition of its air curtain standard. The code of good practice titled Eurovent 16/1 defines the first testing efficiency calculation method for air curtains. The document fills a standardisation gap, which has characterised these products for a long time. It defines the Air Curtains’ categories, standard rating conditions, and testing methods, and it can serve as input of how to calculate the buildings’ energy saving by using Air Curtains.

Eurovent 16/1 has been developed in close cooperation with Europe’s leading air curtain manufacturers[1] and laboratories. More than ten producers have participated in a dedicated Special Project within the Eurovent association, in which they have defined testing and efficiency calculation methods. Over a period of 14 months, field conditions have been first analysed and then reproduced in laboratories. Multiple testing methods have been studied and then validated. This makes the code of good practice strongly evidence-based and provides the industry with conclusive evidence of air curtains’ energy efficiency.

‘The Eurovent Air Curtains Recommendation provides the industry and users with a key tool to ensure the real performances of our products’ states Mr Ola Wallander, Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group “Air Curtains”.’ ‘We have now developed the instruments needed to demonstrate the increased building performances by using state-of-the-art air curtain technologies. This is a foundation for everyone dealing with high-performance air curtain solutions and reaches out to manufacturers, consultants, engineers and policy makers alike. We strongly believe that, in the framework of the European Performance Building Directive (EPBD) revision, the European Commission should consider the important role air curtain technologies play’.

Mr Francesco Scuderi, Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Eurovent and manager of the Eurovent Air Curtains Special Project adds: ‘Eurovent’s Product Group is the only dedicated committee on air curtain technologies within the EMEA region. Air curtain manufacturers have shared their knowledge and experience in order to finalise an entirely new and forward-thinking testing standard. This code of good practice is of high relevance: it ensures a level-playing field for the industry and increases the reputation of manufacturers vis-à-vis their customers‘.

Eurovent 16/1 covers all air curtain application areas (Commercial / Comfort, Industrial, Cold Storage, Specialist Applications). The air curtain standard can be purchased for a fee of 129 EUR for at the new online document shop.

[1] Participating producers jointly hold a market share of more than 90% in Europe and include: 2VV (Czech Republic), Biddle (Netherlands), Dimplex (UK), Frico (Sweden), Kampmann (Germany), LSA (Netherlands), Olefini (Greece), Teddington (Germany), Tekadoor (Germany), Thermoscreens (UK), TTL Luftschleieranlagen (Germany). 

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Monday, 10 October 2016
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