New REHVA and Eurovent residential ventilation guidebook (GEN - 912.00)

Heat recovery ventilation is expected to be a major ventilation solution

GEN - 912.00. REHVA and Eurovent have released their guidebook on heat recovery ventilation. It includes the latest ventilation technology and knowledge about the ventilation system performance, intended to be used by HVAC designers, consultants, contractors, and other practitioners. This first joint guidebook of REHVA and Eurovent is part of an increasing cooperation between the two associations, with more publications and joint initiatives to follow.

The authors of this guidebook have tried to include all information and calculation bases needed to design, size, install, commission and maintain heat recovery ventilation properly. It results from an in-depth coordination between the engineering and manufacturing world with REHVA and Eurovent, making it both scientifically based and very practical.  

Igor Sikonczyk, Senior Manager Technical and Regulatory Affairs at Eurovent and a well-respected ventilation expert throughout Europe, stated following the publication: 

“Having been a designer myself for many years before joining Eurovent, I am particularly proud about this cooperation between Eurovent and REHVA. Combining the expertise of both associations has led to a hands-on guidebook on a subject, which is expected to be a major ventilation solution. I’d like to thank members of our constantly growing Product Group ‘Residential Air Handling Units’, and ‘Air Filters’ for their support in making this joint project, which will certainly not be the last one, happen.” 

The REHVA and Eurovent Guidebook “No.25: Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation” can be downloaded on the REHVA website for a price of 50.00 EUR. For everyone interested in participating in our residential Product Groups, do not hesitate to contact the Eurovent team.

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Thursday, 31 May 2018
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