New Eurovent Recommendation on Water Fan Heaters

Brussels, 06 December 2022. The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Curtains’ (PG-CUR) has published a brand-new Recommendation 16/2 on water fan heaters: Interpretation of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/2281 and Standard Rating.

The Eurovent 16/2 provides a clear definition of water fan heaters and defines the related standard rating conditions. The Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/2281 defines the Ecodesign requirements for air heating products, cooling products, high temperature process chillers and fan coil units. The Recommendation also includes the standard rating conditions that ought to be introduced.

Michael Hims, European NPD Manager at Carver Climate Systems and the Vice-Chairman of PG-CUR, states: “Commission Regulation 2016/2281, is very broad in its scope and unfairly penalises water fan heaters by categorising them in the same way as fan coil units that typically have reduced airflow levels, reduced noise levels and where the building’s occupants typically expect a closer controlled climate. This Eurovent Recommendation is a welcomed start of the conversation about water fan heaters and how as an industry we can ensure that the products are fairly assessed on their own merits and in a way that is more indicative of their use and application.”

This document was prepared in a joint effort by participants of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Curtains’ (PG-CUR), which represents a vast majority of all manufacturers of these products active on the EMEA market. The document can be downloaded free of charge in the Eurovent Document Library.

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