New Eurovent Recommendation on RAHU technology

Brussels, 18 April 2023. Eurovent has published its first Residential Air Handling Units (RAHU) recommendation which focuses on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling compliance of bidirectional RVUs. This recommendation was prepared in a joint effort by participants of PG-RAHU.

This recommendation aims to enhance the enforcement of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling requirements for bidirectional residential ventilation units placed and put into service on the EU market. It is principally addressed to suppliers and market surveillance authorities.

The first six chapters provide the general legislative background and an overview of the specific requirements to which suppliers are subject. Chapter 7, particularly aimed at market surveillance authorities, presents practical tips to facilitate effective compliance monitoring. Chapter 8 outlines the benefits of voluntary third-party certification for monitoring product compliance.

Xavier Boulanger, Strategic Technological Partnerships at ALDES and Chairman of Eurovent PG-RAHU, stated: “Since our Product Group includes many technical experts, it seemed very important for us to be able to use this expertise for the benefit of the whole profession in order to work for quality installations that allow all our customers a perfect use and thus a complete satisfaction.”

Jaroslav Chlup, Head of R&D at 2VV and Vice-Chairman of the Group, added: “It is indeed an important step going forward. The document truly provides in depth information for using better and less energy consuming residential ventilation units on the EU market. It further spreads technical knowledge about current Ecodesign rules and strengthening its market surveillance.”

The Eurovent Recommendation 20/1 was published by Eurovent and is available for download free of charge in the Eurovent Document Library.

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