The new Eurovent Extranet in a nutshell (GEN - 785.00)

Guide on how to make the most out of your Eurovent membership through effectively using the new Eurovent Extranet

GEN - 785.00. At the beginning of this year, the Eurovent Association has launched its new Extranet with the aim to simplify document and information distribution tailor-made for members’ needs. In this short guide, you can learn how to register for the Extranet, who has access, and the manifold features it provides.

Who can access the Eurovent Extranet?

The Eurovent Extranet is open to representatives of the following organisations:

  • National member associations
  • Affiliated Manufacturers (manufacturers that are member of Eurovent through membership to their national association)
  • Corresponding Members
  • Associate Members

User accounts are bound to personal business email addresses. You can register with your personal company email address, but not with the general email address of your company, neither with your personal email address (e.g. Gmail or Hotmail).

How can I register?

In the past months, all Eurovent Association members have received an automatic email with their Extranet login data, allowing them to automatically have access to Eurovent working groups they are participating in.

If you have not received such an email in your mailbox, or have forgotten your password in the meantime, you can click on ‘Login’ on the Eurovent homepage, and then follow the steps in the ‘Request new password’ tab.

If you are a representative of one of the aforementioned organisations and have not received a login email, you can submit the request form after clicking on ‘Register for Extranet’ on the Eurovent homepage. Your Extranet registration will then be considered by the Eurovent Team.

What do I find on the Extranet?

The Eurovent Extranet was launched with the aim to simplify document and information distribution for Eurovent members, in order to avoid filling your mailboxes with emails and attachments.

The Extranet provides you with the following documents and functions:

Event calendar

The Eurovent event calendar can be found under the tab ‘Events’. Next to events and exhibitions, you can find all past and upcoming meetings of Eurovent working groups, their related documents, and register for these meetings.

My Eurovent

This new feature can be found as a new tab after logging in, and provides all information and functions meant for Eurovent members. This menu item offers the following pages:

Eurovent Groups

This section provides access to all Eurovent working groups you are active in. After clicking on a particular group, you can find articles and meetings related to the respective group, allowing you to register for the meetings and view their related documents.

Association news

This is an overview of all legislative updates provided by Eurovent (‘GEN documents’), also sent out regularly via our newsletter ClimaNovela or ClimaNovela Express. The full content and related documents are only accessible to logged in Extranet users.

Corporate Documents

In this section, you can download all Eurovent documents that could prove useful for you as a member such as the ‘Member of Eurovent’ logos, leaflets, or coporate videos.

My account

This section provides for an overview of your login data and your group membership. If you would like to have access to a certain Product Group, or any of your or your company information has changed, please refer to the ‘Request changes’ tab.

Make use of the Eurovent Extranet

We encourage all Eurovent Association members to log in and browse through the new features of our Extranet. If you have problems signing up, do not hesitate to contact our Team.

Share your thoughts

Your feedback is important to us to better serve your needs. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with our Team.

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