New European Bauhaus (GEN - 1198.00)

Cross sector initiative to support sustainable renovation

GEN - 1198.00. On 18 January 2021, the New European Bauhaus was launched. It is an environmental, economic and cultural project, which, together with the Renovation Wave initiative, will act as a tool to aid the pick-up of sustainable renovation.

New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus initiative will promote and develop projects that integrate the dimensions of sustainability, aesthetics and affordability, among others, to deliver the ambitions of the European Green Deal.

It will bring together designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students, and creative minds across disciplines to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between them.

The goal of the current ‘design’ phase is to shape the concept by exploring ideas, identifying the most urgent needs and challenges, and to connect interested parties.

Next steps

In the coming months (summer 2021), the Commission will award prizes to existing examples that represent the integration of the key values of the initiative.

September 2021: ‘Delivery' phase: via a call for proposals five pilot projects will be set up to co-design new sustainable and inclusive solutions. They will be aided through the use of EU funds at national and regional level.

January 2023 - ‘Dissemination' phase: will spread the ideas and concepts defining the New European Bauhaus via new projects, networking and sharing of knowledge, in Europe and abroad.

Recommended actions

This project lies a little bit outside the normal HVACR activities. However, it could be a place to advocate approaches and products, if integrated in award winning proposals and projects.

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