National Recovery and Resilience Plans (GEN - 1203.00)

Updated Commission guidance for Member States

GEN - 1203.00. The latest updated guidance for Member States stresses that the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) ‘Next Generation EU’ is structured around six pillars: green transition; digital transformation; smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs; social and territorial cohesion; health and resilience and policies for the next generation, children and youth, including education and skills.

National Recovery and Resilience Plans

A number of Member States have since October 2020 and before the deadline of 31 April 2021 introduced their plans.

The updated guidance request that Member States explain how their national plans contribute to equality and the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights. The plans should also include a summary of the consultation process at national level as well as the controls and audit system put in place to ensure that the financial interests of the Union are protected. National plans that have already been introduced may need an update.

An overview of introduced national plans is at present not available.

As mentioned in October 2020, Member States should demonstrate that their proposed plans contribute with at least 37% of the plan's total allocation to the climate target and 20% to the digital transition. This remains and it is likely that the Member States will have to indicate how they organised the consultation on these targets.

In order to promote Member States’ cross border cooperation, Member States are invited to consider cooperation activities that will contribute to developing synergies.  Market surveillance is cited as an example.

Recommended actions

Eurovent Member Associations and their members are recommended to closely follow the developments that have already led to or are still leading towards the national recovery and resilience plans. This is an activity that can only be carried out at national level.

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