Input for the Ecodesign Consultation Forum on the review of the EU Fan Regulation from European manufacturers of evaporative cooling equipment

Cooling tower manufacturers call for exemption of evaporative cooling equipment and lower energy efficiency requirements on centrifugal forward curved fans

In the course of the revision of EU Fan Regulation 327/2011, members of Eurovent Product Group 'Evaporative Cooling Equipment' published a Position Paper outlining the differences between cooling towers, fans integrated into forced draft cooling towers, and other types of fans. 

Firstly, Eurovent manufacturers hold that the contribution by the evaporative cooling industry to improve the power consumption within the EU through the Ecodesign Directive should remain focused on improving cooling efficiencies. Consequently, only fans that can be tested separately from the product they are built in, should be subject to the provisions of the Regulation.

Secondly, they consider the efficiency levels proposed in the working document ‘Draft Ecodesign Regulation’ for fans above 5kW as unachievable for the evaporative cooling industry and call for adjusted levels taking into account reasons outlined in the following justification.