High-tech manufacturer from Switzerland joins Eurovent association

MIRAI INTEX becomes Eurovent’s 27th Corresponding Member

Brussels, Chiasso, 2 November 2016. The Eurovent Board has formally approved Corresponding Membership of Swiss manufacturer MIRAI INTEX, making it Eurovent’s 27th Corresponding Member. Founded in 2015, the company currently has 30 employees, developing and producing high-quality refrigeration and air-handling solutions.

MIRAI INTEX develops and manufactures environmentally friendly refrigerating and HVAC equipment based on air cycle technology. With innovative solutions achieved through advanced scientific and technological developments and based on usage of natural air as a working fluid, MIRAI provides eco-friendly equipment aiming to protect the environment and people, focussing on safety, quality and energy savings.

After formal membership confirmation by the Eurovent Board, General Manager Mr Valerio Speziali stated: ‘MIRAI INTEX is proud to become a Eurovent member and hopes to contribute to the development and implementation of advanced HVACR technologies in Europe.’ He continued that ‘by joining Eurovent, we partially undertake the task of the formation of an open informational space in the industry, where all participants - businesses, governmental organisations and other institutions - are ready for dialogue to the benefit of the entire European community’.

With MIRAI becoming Corresponding Member, Eurovent further strengthens its strongly developing network in Central Europe. Through its Regional Office in Prague, the association is close to its members in Central and Eastern Europe, understands regional economies, and can support members in their mother tongue. Find out more about Eurovent membership through our dedicated membership application package or contact our Team.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016
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