Flammable Refrigerant Options for Natural Technologies (FRONT) – Improved standards & product design for their safe use (GEN - 894.00)

Survey ‘Hydrocarbons availability & impact of standards’

GEN - 894.00. FRONT is a demonstration funded under LIFE, the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects. It is often referred to as LIFE FRONT. The project runs until 2020 and aims to remove barriers posed by standards for flammable refrigerants and increase the availability of suitable alternatives.

Aim of the LIFE FRONT

In addition to removing barriers posed by standards and increasing the availability of alternatives, the project should result in Europe’s largest leakage size and simulation database for equipment using flammable refrigerants, as well as testing of different configurations of equipment with increased refrigerant charge to determine to which extent is safe to operate with bigger amounts of flammable refrigerants.


The project is led by Shecco, in coordination with ECOS (European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation), the consultancy HEAT and the companies AHT, AIT and NIBE.

Survey ‘Hydrocarbons availability & impact of standards’

On 18 March, LIFE FRONT launched an online survey to collect data and insights on the standards and barriers for flammable refrigerants within the EU.

The questionnaire investigates the status quo and outlook for hydrocarbon-based systems, for example:

  • Drivers and barriers for their uptake
  • Energy efficiency and cost compared to HFCs
  • Availability of products using multiple refrigeration circuits
  • Expectations about future use of hydrocarbons with and without revised standards
  • Willingness to work with higher refrigerant charges

Recommended actions

Manufacturers and associations who are dealing with refrigerants may find it useful to participate in the survey as this will increase the knowledge on refrigerants and the boundaries that confront them.

A regular check of the project website may also prove useful.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018
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