Extended Eurovent Position on cooling towers and the EU Fan Regulation

Cooling tower manufacturers from the Eurovent network justify the exemption of cooling towers from the revised EU Fan Regulation 327/2011

Members from the Eurovent Product Group 'Evaporative Cooling Equipment' would like to elaborate on why fans integrated in cooling towers should not be included in the revised version of Fan Regulation 327/2011. The main arguments constitute:

  • The 'stator' is part of the tower design, which not only includes the fan cowl or fan housing, but also the air movement entering and leaving the fan. Accordingly, there are many factors that influence the performance of a fan in a cooling tower, which can varyy infinitely
  • Fan curves for rotors used by cooling tower manufacturers generated in a lab do not describe the behavior of the same rotor in the actual cooling tower model. For this reason, it is not only the availability or absence of a lab that is the base for the request for exempting cooling towers from the ‘EU Fan Regulation’, but the fact that cooling tower ‘stators’ are very complex
  • The cooling tower fan rotors constitute a niche market of the total fan market. Cooling tower fan rotor manufacturers can only test and certify the rotor performance in a test rig according to a standard, but not in a cooling tower itself
  • Wth an estimated annual sale of cooling towers of less than 10.000, the benefit of energy efficiency improvement (if any) is very limited and does not stand in any relation with the cost