Exhausto takes the lead concerning Residential Air Handling Units

Representative of Danish manufacturer elected Chairman of newly-launched Product Group

Krakow, 4 October 2016. Mr Henning Grønbæk, RAHU Product Manager at Exhausto, a leading manufacturer of comfort ventilation products and systems which has since June 2016 been a member of part of the French Aldes Group, was elected Chairman of the newly setup Product Group ‘Residential Air Handling Units’ (PG-RAHU) within the Eurovent association. More than 40 participants have joined the meeting during the Eurovent Summit, reflecting the increasing demand for a working group dedicated to this evolving residential indoor climate technology.

Residential Air Handling Units have been separated from the long-established Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’, which is home to more than 100 manufacturers and now solely focusing on non-residential appliances. This was done due to the different characteristics and requirements both residential and non-residential air handling units are confronted with. With Igor Sikonczyk, a true residential ventilation expert has been engaged as a group manager. Sikonczyk was actively involved with RAHUs as a building consultant, and R&D manager at a major Polish manufacturer.

The group’s new chairman, Mr Grønbæk, looks forward to working together with experts from all around the EU and Turkey on shaping the developments concerning residential air handling units. ‘There are many challenges ahead that deserve a focussed and truly European approach. In terms of standardisation, legislation, marketing, we need to work towards a level-playing field for all manufacturers,’ he stated.

Grønbæk is going to be supported by Mr Kazimierz Szybinski (FRAPOL, Poland) and Mr Jaroslav Chlup (2VV, Czech Republic), who were elected Vice-Chairmen. The next meeting of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Residential Air Handling Units’ is going to take place at the beginning of 2017. Interested members can contact the Eurovent Secretariat for further information.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016
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