Eurovent survey on future Energy Label design (GEN - 933.00)

Members can participate and submit their opinions until Friday, 27 July 2018

GEN - 933.00. During a Consultation Forum, the consultant of the European Commission has presented three designs for the future EU Energy Labels designs. These had been tested with 1.500 consumers throughout Europe. Until 27 July 2018, Eurovent is collecting the views of industry on the label design through a dedicated survey. The results will be presented timely to the European Commission.

Participate in the survey

As the Energy Label has important consequences for manufacturers, Eurovent has developed a survey containing questions deemed relevant for the label design. You can participate in the survey through the following link:

► Click here:

The survey should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete. 

Background information

The consultant CentERdata had tested the three label designs with about 4.000 consumer in seven countries for some consumer goods.

No testing of the label designs or input had been requested from industry.

The label designs have been developed with consumers in mind. It is therefore possible that these designs do not reflect the views of industries, which do not sell directly to consumers but that are subject to mandatory energy labelling.

As the European Commission wishes to adopt the new Energy Label in the future Energy Labelling Regulations, it is looking for practical comments and observations to guide its choice, which can include improvements on the proposed label designs.

Financial aspects of the energy label

The last question of our survey is open-ended and aims to get a feeling for the costs of the energy label. Up to now, there are no figures available either for energy labelling in its entirety or for the label on its own. It is not likely that manufacturers have a precise idea of the costs involved for the label. Such cost could include printing equipment, staff, handling of the labels (putting into boxes, affixing to product, etc.), communication with dealers and consumers, outsourcing of label printing, and the like.

These costs depend very much on the type of product and number of products that require the label.

Eurovent would very much appreciate any estimate for these costs as these present arguments in the discussion. If you have no idea, you do not need to reply to the last question.

The results of the survey will be communicated within Eurovent and towards the European Commission.

Recommended Actions

Manufacturers subject to Energy Labelling are recommended to fill out the Eurovent survey by 27 July 2018 so that the Secretariat can provide industry views on the label design to the European Commission.

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