Eurovent releases Recommendation on performance of Energy Recovery Components in Air Handling Units

New Code of Good Practice released by major European HVACR industry association

Brussels, 21 September 2021. Eurovent has published a Recommendation focusing on factors influencing performance of Energy Recovery Components in Air Handling Units. This Code of Good Practice was developed in a joint effort by the participants of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Energy Recovery Components’ (PG-ERC).

The new Eurovent Recommendation 17/12 – 2021, titled ‘Factors influencing performance of Energy Recovery Components embedded in Air Handling Units’, addresses potential variations between the performance of heat recovery components measured under standard test conditions and tested at actual operating conditions, when built into an Air Handling Unit. The publication comprehensively discusses the causes of discrepancies and ways to avoid them.

In addition to providing a code of good practice, the latest Recommendation aims to initiate the development of improved calculation and testing procedures for Air Handling Units with Energy Recovery Exchangers, as it appears this matter may need improvement in certain points.

The Eurovent Recommendation 17/12 is available for download free of charge in the Eurovent Document Library.

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Monday, 20 September 2021
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