Eurovent Q&A in the light of EU Ventilation Units Regulation

Eurovent Product Group 'Air Handling Units' publishes guidelines for interpretation of Regulation 1253/2014

With Ventilation Unit Regulation 1253/2014 to be entering into force on 1 January 2016, air handling unit manufacturers within the Eurovent network decided to publish a common Q&A paper, addressing several articles within the Regulation.

By providing this input to the current technical assistance study, Eurovent aims to support the correct implementation of the Regulation. Amongst others, manufacturers within the Eurovent network would like to stress that:

  • As their functionality is different, a distinction should be made between tailor-made and standardised compact bidirectional units,
  • According to the Regulation's definition of a ventilation unit, Recircular Non-Residential Ventilation Units (NRVUs) will be excluded from the Regulation,
  • According to the Regulation's Annex I (Additional definitions for NRVUs), a NRVU's motor control equipment shall always be included in the delivery to be compliant with this Regulation.
Publication Date: 
Monday, 27 April 2015
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