Eurovent publishes second edition of its air filter efficiency standard

Eurovent 4/21 (2016) enables transition towards ISO 16890 classification and testing methods

Brussels, 14 November 2016. The Eurovent association has released the second edition of its widely applied code of good practice Eurovent 4/21. The latter defines the energy efficiency evaluation of air filters for general ventilation purposes. As a first of its kind, Eurovent 4/21 (2016) implements classification and testing methods of the new EN ISO 16890. The first edition of Eurovent 4/21 (2014), which relates to the long-established EN 779 standard, will remain valid until 31 December 2017 in order to allow for a sufficient transition time towards the new ISO standard.

The aim of Eurovent 4/21 (2016) is to define a method of air filter classification with regard to energy-efficient operation, taking into account EN ISO 16890. It furthermore aims to provide users of air filters with guidance on filter selection. The method provided within the Eurovent document is based on laboratory test data with standardised test conditions. According to Eurovent 4/21 (2016), the energy consumption of air filters can be determined as a function of the volume flow rate, the fan efficiency, the operation time, and the average pressure drop.

‘In the context of increasing energy prices and the imperative of reducing CO2 emissions, the energy consumption related to air filters is receiving an increasing attention. Air filters are also key to achieve a better indoor air quality, an issue which we at Eurovent have been advocating for several years now’. States Dr. Thomas Caesar, Vice Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group “Air Filters”, which is home to more than 20 leading air filter manufacturers from all around Europe. ‘With the second edition of Eurovent 4/21, the energy efficiency of air filters used for general ventilation is evaluated based on particle removal efficiencies, which are tested and classified, especially with respect to the removal of particulate matter, in accordance with the ISO 16890 series of standards.’

Throughout 2017, participants in the ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programme for air filters, which is run independently by Eurovent Certita Certification, are going to evaluate their products according to EN ISO 16890 making use of Eurovent 4/21 (2016). The updated ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ energy classes and values are then going to be published on as of January 2018.

Eurovent 4/21 (2016) is now available for download at the document web shop at (Documents/Recommendations). For members of the Eurovent association, the document is available free-of-charge. For non-members, a fee of 69 EUR is being applied. It remains to be noted that the Eurovent association does not grant any certification on this document. Certification subject to Eurovent’s subunit Eurovent Certita Certification, which runs independently from the association framework.  

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Monday, 14 November 2016
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