Eurovent publishes Guidebook on Air Handling Units

Publication contains everything you need to know about the heart of a ventilation system

Brussels, 2 October 2018. The Eurovent Association’s Product Group AHU has just published the first release of its Guidebook on Air Handling Units. On 53 pages, the free-of-charge publication provides all essential information on this important piece of technology in a hands-on and neutral manner.

The Eurovent AHU Guidebook provides, for instance, valuable information on application areas, functions and components, energy efficiency and life-cycle costs, control system, design and selection, certification, as well as standards. It is not only targeted at producers, but of equal relevance for consultants, planners, architects, testing agencies, and everyone else having to deal with Air Handling Units in their everyday life.

Martin Lenz of Trox GmbH, Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group AHU, states:

“The publication of the new Guidebook constitutes yet another milestone in the history of our Product Group. I think that my colleagues and I can confidently state that this is the most comprehensive and all-encompassing guidebook on air handling units published to date. Our goal was to create a non-academic, concise, and easy to read publication that enables readers to better understand the heart of a ventilation system.”

Morten Schmelzer, Executive Director at the Eurovent Association and Secretary of the Product Group added:

“It was of specific importance for us to highlight the state-of-the-art in technological development while raising awareness on core aspects such as life-cycle costs, design and selection. We want readers to be able to make an unbiased assessment of what defines a high-quality air handling unit and why, for instance, the initial price should not be the main purchasing argument. On behalf of Eurovent, I would like to thank all participating members for their support in creating this unique Guidebook throughout the past 12 months. As it also happens to be my birthday today, I could not imagine a better present.”

The Eurovent Guidebook ‘Air Handling Units’ can now be downloaded in the Eurovent Document Web Shop. The Guidebook will be regularly updated with the aim to cover an increasing number of regions and application areas. The Eurovent Product Group AHU is happy about any feedback or requests, which can be directed to