Eurovent participates in ATMO/DTI Technical Conference Policy Panel

Deputy Secretary General Francesco Scuderi to talk about EU Climate Neutrality Strategy

The Eurovent Association has partnered up with ATMOsphere (shecco) and Danish Technological Institute to support the virtual ATMO/DTI Technical Conference ‘The Future of Air Conditioning’ on 23 and 24 June 2020. Eurovent’s Deputy Secretary General and European refrigeration expert Francesco Scuderi will elaborate on the EU Climate Neutrality Strategy in the Policy Panel on the first day of the conference. Eurovent members receive 15% discount on conference passes.


Jointly hosted by shecco (organiser of ATMOsphere Events) and the Danish Technological Institute, the online Technical Conference will last two days (23 and 24 June 2020), and will feature a variety of special topics and technical sessions delivered by leading experts. The main theme of the event is ‘The Future of Air Conditioning’.

The first day will introduce the topic of natural refrigerants in air conditioning, followed by a look at market trends in the industry, an overview of the Danish perspective on the topic, a policy panel to discuss regulations (present and future), and will conclude with an incentives session. The second day will be more technical, commencing with a keynote session and followed by a panel. Most of the day will be taken up by two technical sessions where in-depth case studies will be presented.

Participation of Eurovent

Francesco Scuderi, Deputy Secretary General of Eurovent and a European expert on refrigeration, will participate in the Policy Panel of the conference on Tuesday, 23 June 2020. He will contribute to the panel by presenting the EU Climate Neutrality Strategy including information on F-Gas and the European chiller market overview. Other Policy Panel participants are the European Commission, Öko-Recherche and German Environment Agency (UBA).

In addition, Eurovent has partnered up with the organisers to become a supporter of the event. Eurovent members receive a 15% discount on the conference passes. For more information on how to redeem your member discount, contact Ms Andrea Gasparova ([email protected] or +420 775 770 332).

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