Eurovent organises Hiking Challenge during the Chillventa 2016

Exhibition visitors can collect stamps at Eurovent members’ booths for the good cause
Nuremberg, 7 October 2016. During the upcoming Chillventa in Nuremberg, Eurovent is going to organise its first-ever Hiking Challenge, open to all exhibition visitors. By collecting a defined number of stamps in their Hiking Passbook at the booths of participating Eurovent members, contestants contribute to two charities from Germany and Italy respectively. They have furthermore the chance to receive a limited edition Eurovent beer mug. The Eurovent Hiking Challenge follows an old German tradition of collecting stamps at mountain huts during hiking tours. Participants first pick up their Hiking Passbook at the Eurovent (Hall 9 / 9-410) or the Eurovent Certita Certification (Hall 4A / 413 and Hall 6 / 6-115) booth. They then start collecting stamps at the booths of ten participating Eurovent members, which can be recognised by their ‘Stamping point’ sign. Once finished, contestants hand in their Passbook and collect prizes at the Eurovent booth. The more stamps they collect, the higher the amount that is donated to charity. Participants are free to choose whether their prize money is donated to either the Italian Red Cross, supporting the casualties of the devastating earth quake in Amatrice on 26 August, or Liberale Flüchtlingshilfe e.V., a Germany-based association providing lifesaving drinking water to refugees (of which 1/3 are children) in crisis regions. For detailed information, please check the ‘The Eurovent Hiking Challenge – In a nutshell’ document attached or visit the Eurovent Team at Hall 9, Stand 9-410.